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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Monday, Kraftie Friends!

How was your weekend?
Guess how mine was...

My in-laws are visiting and last Friday, my FIL had a heart attack and went to the hospital. He had to get 2 stents and was released yesterday...
On Sunday, my son N went to the doctor and...ear infection!!! So, he has to take medication for 10 days...
Also, my son B had some reactions to the bunch of shots he took last, diarrhea a few times and a rash yesterday... internet was having problems last week and I couldn't edit some projects for the Club Scrap October Literature Blog Hop (click HERE to see)...but now it's fixed and here's the full project I was supposed to show off last week:

You can click on each page to see it better!

I took some pictures of my kids and DH reading a book on our new couch.
I basically used the pretty printed papers and Literature Embellishment Cutaparts from the Literature Deluxe Kit I got.
I still have to journal on the Literature Embellishment Cutapart that looks like a library card.

Simple, but when you have a weekend like mine...

Good thing they are all better now!!!
My FIL is seeing the doctor today to find out if he can fly back home!
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts!

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  1. Wow--a tough weekend. I'm glad you got that out of the way! I'm glad to hear everyone is on the mend!

  2. So glad you finally got everything to work. Cute layout!

  3. Lovely layouts Lilian. So sorry it has been such a rough couple of weeks. Hugs!


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