New Year's Resolutions...

Monday, January 20, 2014

I don't usually have nor write down New Year's Resolutions...but since I'm a little behind in my scrapbooking endeavor, I thought I would "start" 2014 with some changes...(ha! it's almost end of the month...I've been feeling under the weather for a couple of weeks, haven't done much of anything...)

So here are my scrapbook-realated resolutions (or more like a to-do list):
1. Scrapbook more
2. Finish two 8x8 albums
3. Start my "Pregnancies" Album
4. Finish last year's Project Life Album
5. Complete any unfinished layouts

And these are my other resolutions:
6. Submit cards/projects to magazines again
7. Start an Art Journal
8. Teach more Classes
9. List more items on my Etsy shop
and to make it an even number...
10. Make some artsy-related videos!

Can't promise I'll check all of them off at the end of the year...but at least I have a list to go by! =)

And here's something I've been working on...the first page of my Project Life style album for 2014:

What about you?
What are your craft-related resolutions???

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