{Sun} Sweets: Breyer Model Horses and Unicorns

Sunday, February 04, 2024

Hello, Kraftie Friends!

I was given a Traditional Breyer Model Horse, as a birthday gift, decades ago...for the collectors out there reading this post, it was Niatross on the Pacer mold. He is still back in Brazil...one day, I'll bring him here.

Even though I wanted to have more models, I wasn't able to collect them for various reasons...until end of the last year!

I love all horse breeds, but Arabians are my favorite...so, I decided to stick with models that are Arabians or resemble Arabians, then I don't end up with hundreds of model horses due to lack of space...and $$$.

But somehow, I also have a few other breeds and ended up with a bunch of  Unicorns!!!
Here are 2 of them playing in the snow we had about 2 weeks ago... =)


I'm starting to customize some Stablemates and/or creating some gifts with them...I'll be posting them here once I'm done!
Plus, more of my collection in photography!

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Thanks for all your lovely comments! They make my day! =)