Product Review: Color Street Nail Polish Strips (Part II)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hello, Kraftie Friends!

I'm back with Part II of my Color Street Nail Polish Strips Product samples I got from Wendy, a Color Street Stylist.
If you didn't see Part I, please click HERE for a video on how to apply them + Pros & Cons.

This is how they looked on Day 12:

Ok, before you say anything...I did laundry and dishes, plus I gave my dog a bath...and I took him to a Dog Show...

So, my Left Hand still looks pretty good...the tips are a little chipped and the bottom of a couple of them, too.
If you aren't bothered by your nails' growth, I would say you just need to file the nails down a bit.

Now, my Right Hand is another story...
On Day 5, I was washing my hair and they ripped most of my pinky's strip off.
Day 6, the strip cracked in the center (thumb), but you can't really notice it (I could see 3 lines, but you have to look really close).
Then, on Day 11...when I showed my dog...he basically ate the strips on my thumb and indicator (well, he was trying to eat the chicken bait I had). Plus I broke my nail...I don't know how!

Basically, if you don't show dogs, and is careful when you wash your hair...they could last up to 14 days, as stated on their website!

P.S. They do dry out if you have leftovers...leaving them in a ziplock bag didn't work...

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  1. I tried Color Street nail strips for the second time. Had no problem whatsoever with the first set and they did last around 2 weeks while doing normal chores. The second package of nail strips I opened smelled so strong that it made me wonder if I'd use them again. I would say the trick would be to do them during the day and not just before you turn in for the night. Trying to sleep with that odor was not pleasant. Overall, I love the concept and the variety.

  2. Keep them fresh by putting leftovers back into the bag/sleeve they came in, push away from the opening the best you can then use a flat iron the seal the bag back shut. Presto, they will now last at room temps.


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