Weekend Projects: Framework Alphabet Stamp Set

Monday, August 26, 2013

Who said that stamps are not educational? =)
I love this new stamp set from CTMH - E1027 Framework Alphabet (set of 66). It comes with 2 carrier sheets.
And this is what I do with it...

I leave the stamps on the carrier sheet and ink them (if my son N lets me...).
Then, place the sheet on a piece of paper and stamp them, rubbing the whole sheet so you don't miss any letter.
And ta-da!!!
You can ask your kids to trace, color, circle a specific letter, anything!
N loves it and asks for it almost every day! =)

To purchase it, click on the post title or go to http://lilian.ctmh.com

Hope you like it!
And thanks for stopping by today!


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