Faux Washi Tape: Stamping Techniques

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Here are two ways to stamp a faux washi tape...

Technique #1:
1. Choose a stamp that looks like ribbon (this one is from Close To My Heart, Cricut® Artiste Collection).
2. Ink the stamp in color of choice (you don't have to ink the whole stamp, just the length you want plus about half an inch).

3. With a wet wipe, or tissue, wipe off the edges of the stamp to simulate the torn edges of the tape.

So it should look something like this before you stamp on your project.

Technique #2:
1. Tear two pieces of paper and place on the stamp. You can use the sticky part of Sticky Notes, so the pieces won't move around...

2. Ink the stamp.

3. And depending on how you tear the paper, it will look something like this...

Hope you give it a try!


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