I'm back!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

It's been almost a year since my last post! 

Well, I guess having a baby changes your life completely...

So, in a nutshell, this is what happened...I got pregnant in August 2010...got sick and big, sick and even bigger...until I had the baby in May 2011!
I enjoyed 3 months of maternity leave, went back to work in August 2011, and now I'm still trying to balance baby/family/work/cooking/cleaning, etc...
But this is all good!

The bad thing was that my old laptop broke again and I lost a lot of pictures (again)...
OK...you're thinking...why didn't I saved them somewhere else? Well,...I did, but not everything! haha
But a friend said she might be able to recover them! So, hopefully I'll have them back!

So, I have a new laptop now...and I'm trying to figure out where the photos I haven't posted yet are! =)

Maybe I'll post some of them this week!

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