Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think I been on a rubber stamping "break"...I haven't been stamping much...but I sure am baking a lot!
I've never really baked before though...of course I would make some desert but they wouldn't require baking.
So, I've been trying recipes since Christmas and playing with decorating tips.

Here are some of my first cupcakes:

And I saved the one with pretty stars for a picture:

I have a secret though...they were overcooked at the bottom!
I still have to figure out my's kind of weird...

And these are probably from my third batch:

Less "half-overcooked" but still...

I have also moved on to bigger projects...a 8" round cake pan from Wilton and a Horse cake pan from IKEA!
Pictures coming soon...after I've mastered the baking process. =)

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