Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally...time to post again!
My boss was kind enough to let me have 3 days off work in a row.
I am going to go for a haircut later this afternoon!!! I been postponing it since last year ( I won't tell you when...).

So, the latest husband got me a Cuttlebug for Christmas (oh, more addiction! Apparently, rubber stamps are not enough!). I've been buying some of the A2 Embossing Folders for it.
And I might "need" to have some of the die-cut sets! Maybe 2 or 3...
Although I don't like the die-cuts that much (just because I don't like when the dies mark the cutting pads...OK...I'm kind of weird...).

Have a nice weekend!

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Thanks for all your lovely comments! They make my day! =)